Owen Carstensen has a cliché headline about being creatively creative.

I'm a multi-disciplinary maker specialized in crafting functional, curious, and artful design. I go hard in the pixels for print, motion, and interactive. I love using design to create change. With a fascination for design strategy and branding, I've learned to apply creativity to challenges of brand development and business model innovation.

Most often, clients trust me to create, evolve, or express their brand identity. I've had the honor of working for clients including: Civic I/O, The Institute for the Future, Quarter Zero, Columbus Music Co-Op, Alloy, Lextant, and verynice.


I'm a visual designer with a deep interest in branding and design strategy. My strength is in illustration and communication design, but gradually I have learned to apply my creativity toward solving more complex challenges like brand development, organizational structure, and systems design. If your team could use someone with my skills please check out my resume or get in touch.

What I believe.

Create Opportunities

The best opportunities are forged from your own dreams, ambitions, and effort. Creating opportunity for others is sure to come back around.

Question Everything

No problem is solved without first understanding it, and no understanding gained without asking the right questions.

Always Learn Something

Every person, interaction, and experience can teach you something if you have the right mindset — the mindset of a beginner.

Be Adaptable

Every project has a different purpose and audience, and presents a chance to grow in a new direction. Avoid personal style, avoid trends, avoid one-size-fits-all solutions.

Sell the Truth

People buy from those they know and trust. Manipulative and disingenuous brands fail to produce long-term gains. To be worthy of trust, you must tell the truth.

Design That Works

A designer is responsible for accomplishing the client’s stated objective, and to benefit the intended audience of the design. They must strive to remove their subjective preferences, and the client’s, from impeding a successful outcome.


Legacy — Repositioning a niche manufacturing brand.

I developed a brand platform to support changes in the business model. This project elevated the design of the existing identity and imbued it with greater meaning.

Role: Business / Brand Strategist, Lead Designer
Company: SchoolPride®
Industry: Manufacturing, Education & Athletic Sectors


Fredricktown — A responsive identity system for academic and athletic use.

I designed a responsive identity system centering on an academic crest—designed to express Fredericktown's commitment to academic, industrial, and arts education.

Role: Lead Designer
Client: Fredericktown Local School District


Logos & Marks — Vol. 1

A collection of favorite logos & marks I've made within recent years.

Role: Designer
Project: Client / Personal


Observe — Making music visual.

Fresh out of college, I founded a boutique production studio called Observe. Focused on serving local music industry clients—we offered services ranging from illustration, merchandising, 3d projection mapping, and video production.

Role: Founder, Lead Designer
Project: Self Initiated / Client
Team: Brian Liston - Video Production

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